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Your Own Portable Library and Reference Tool

Get access to my 200 videos, books, business start-up materials and thousands of factory manuals on a handheld tablet. It is the perfect device for viewing manuals and videos and researching the web. A detailed list includes:

  • Extensive diagnostic flowcharts
  • Customer complaints and solutions
  • Over 200 videos
  • All of my personal service manuals
  • Kenmore's manufacturer secret decoder list
  • Parts suppliers and phone numbers
  • Inventory lists with prices
  • Personal phone numbers of experts to call for help
  • Manuals on all front loaders
  • Manuals on all imported brands like LG, Samsung and Electrolux
  • A search tool to find specific manuals by my model number
  • A second search tool to find key words within each manual
  • Extensive model specific technician information sheets

Unfamiliar with how great an iPad is and how it can become your complete business partner? Following is an Apple YouTube iPad 2 demonstration.