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Start Your Own Appliance Repair Business

Raker Appliance Repair Workshop

Hands-On Seminars


After attending a two week seminar participants were asked a series of questions. Following are video interviews of their answers:

Mark S. from Memphis, TN.

Mark From Memphis, TN

Mark evaluates Raker's Two Week Hands-On Workshop.

Daniel from Detroit, MI

Dan Comments on Harry's Expertise

Dan from Detroit is asked about Harry Raker's skills as an instructor.

Mark B. from NJ

Mark from New Jersey Critiques the Seminar

An honest interview of Mark's evaluation of the two week hand-on workshop.

Mark ST. from Memphis was kind enough to write us the following:


The two week hands-on course was great. Even though I worked hard to try to absorb as much as I could, I also had lots of fun. I will definitely encourage other people about your courses-both books and the two week one-for anyone who shows interest in such a business.

As well as all the technical and business stuff, I enjoyed your stories about your hobbies like cooking and yoga. You are definitely not a one-dimensional person and have many interests besides business. These other stories and life experiences made the course a lot more fun and the examples much more memorable than it might have been without them. 



I would like to let you know how happy I have been with the course. This is the best purchase I have made in years. You have done a great job putting together the information in an easy to understand approach. I would like to know if you could recommend an newsletter or magazine that would keep a person up to date with the latest equipment and technology out there. Thanks again, Adam


Sorry so long without communicating. Very busy up here. Thank you for your Appliance Repair Program. We have already made over double our investment. And I can honestly tell you, we have not even started to take off. We had not completed reading the manuals, and we got our first service call. It involved a stove and a dishwasher. Even though it came from a smoke claim due to a fire, it was no doubt the easiest money we have made all year. AND, we found minor damages to the corner plastic of the refrigerator and the latch on the dishwasher was cracked. So the homeowner paid us for those repairs, in addition to what the insurance company paid us. And your manuals showed us how to disassemble the equipment, what to look for and how they work. AMAZING. Then, we got several other calls about other equipment and made even more money. 

 Our best week was over $1000.00. It came from one small claim, for the clock timer in a Jennaire range and a claim for water damages (??) to a Kenmore stove and a Frigidaire refrigerator, and a GE microwave Oven. Our total parts costs were under 80.00 and some supplies. And we got great comments from the homeowner and from the insurance company on how professional we were, how fast we responded, and the knowledge of our staff. 


Thank you for your Appliance Repair Program. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about making money and changing their future. It has given us a whole new category of services and we are going to do extremely well with it. We haven't even had a chance to use the marketing manual yet. You did a great job of making it simple, providing the support, etc. You can use me as a testimony anytime. I will get back to you with a update in a month or so, when our busy time starts. Thank you, Dan Royce, Dial Electronics, York, PA.

Owner and Technician of Friendly Appliance, Est. 1997 - Studied Uncle Harry's Appliance Repair Training manuals... Started actually repairing appliances myself about 2004 and been loving it every since. From what Uncle Harry taught me from the materials and the actual exposure to getting in there and repairing the appliance has made me an excellent technician. Uncle Harry gave me the confidence to become what I am today. I am locally known as Uncle Rodge. I take any opportunity I can to teach folks how to take care of their appliance. Thank You Uncle Harry!

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